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Our Services

Wide Range of Physiotherapy Services

Restoring your movement, flexibility, and strength, is our number one priority at PhysioCare. If you’ve sustained an injury or are looking for ways to improve your health and wellness while reducing pain, reach out to us today so we can develop

a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.


Physical Assessment

Tailored evaluations to precisely diagnose musculoskeletal issues and design personalized treatment plans for optimal recovery and functionality.


Hands-On Treatment

Expert manual therapies targeting specific areas of discomfort or injury to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall well-being.


Post Operative Rehab

Specialized programs for individuals recovering from trauma or orthopaedic surgeries, aimed at restoring strength, mobility, and function to pre-injury levels.


Sports Injuries and Performance

Comprehensive care for athletes, focusing on injury prevention, treatment of sports-related injuries, and enhancing performance through targeted therapies and exercise programs.


Sports Massage

Therapeutic massage techniques tailored for athletes, aiding in muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and improving flexibility to optimize athletic performance and prevent injuries.


Children’s Physiotherapy

Customized services for children, addressing developmental delays, injuries, and conditions, promoting proper growth, movement, and physical health from infancy through adolescence.

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